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Before you can edit pages on the wiki you will need to confirm your email address.

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If you need to correct your email address or have the confirmation link resent you can do so from your P2P Foundation preferences under "'Email."'

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You can use your P2P Foundation preferences to configure your notification settings from the site.

It is highly recommended that you review your preferences in order to adjust the default settings for email notification.

By default you will be notified of changes to pages you edit, create, move, or delete.

Usually this is a good thing because it is assumed you wish to keep an eye on this pages. If it is not, though, you can always visit your preferences to adjust the settings.

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If you run into any problems, please feel free to contact us. Also, there's an extensive collection of how-to documents that might come in handy if you are new to wiki's or have other questions about how the site works.

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