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= dutch project at the University of Amsterdam

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Liza Rubinstein and Nigel Gilbert:

"MOOR (massive online open research) is a project at the University of Amsterdam which seeks to create software so that qualitative research can be performed open, online and collaboratively. Specifically, we are looking for ways to discuss and draw conclusions about data materials (such as text and imagery) collaboratively.

The goals of the project are to work with large sets of data which are already available but cannot be processed with small research teams, to generate a broader perspective on this data by engaging a diverse set of people and to create a platform where people can learn about and contribute to this lesser known field of scientific research.

As far as we know, there is no common based peer production software that allows to both discuss the content of primary documents ánd create overview/insight into the discussion.


What we envision is a common based peer production platform where everyone can stroll through the data and annotate or tag this data based on specific instructions." (P2PValue email list, March 2014)


This project may not exist yet. May be related to Crowdfindings,


There are two ideas mixed here. One is collaboration on the research itself by collaborative analysis of data. We are still lacking a good platform for this. But also incentives for researchers to collaborate. Currently there are advantages of keeping data secret until the publications. The other idea is discussing documents. We are trying to tackle this with a project I am working on, PeerLibrary. Mitar (talk) 21:58, 30 March 2014 (UTC)