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Mary Mellor Bio-sketch Mary Mellor is Professor Emeritus at the University of Northumbria, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. In her career she has researched and taught in three areas of social science: politics, sociology and economics. Her doctoral research was a political analysis of co-operatives, in particular the clash between democracy and commercialisation in the British Consumer Co-operative movement. Further research on worker co-operatives resulted in a co-authored book Worker Co-operatives in Theory and Practice (1988). Her active involvement was in co-operative training through her local Co-operative Development Agency. She was also a local Co-operative-Labour Councillor.

Moving to a Sociology department she began active involvement and research in ecofeminism reflected in two books Breaking the Boundaries: Towards a Feminist Green Socialism (1992) and Feminism and Ecology (1997). Her active involvement included joining the anti-nuclear women’s peace camp at Greenham Common. She was also invited to be the UK member of an international lecture tour of Japan on Women, Environment and Peace. Her interest in sustainability led to the founding of the University’s Sustainable Cities Research Institute.

The failure of modern economies to recognise unpaid domestic labour and the damage to nature led her to turn her attention to a critique of finance. She researched and was active in community development finance and financial inclusion. This led her into economics and the study of money on which she has published three books The Politics of Money (co-authored 2002), The Future of Money (2010) and Debt or Democracy (2015). She was also a founding member of the World Economics Association. In addition to her books she has published and lectured widely in all these fields.

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