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Short Summary

Marios Papachristou was born in Athens (GR) in 1997 and is currently an undergraduate Electrical Engineering student at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). He has been contributing to open-source and open-hardware projects since 2010, being an ardent open-source fan. He has attended (7-8/2014) the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research Institute for Marine Resources and Island Waters as a researcher, where had been developing computer vision applications for bioinformatics. He published his first paper at the age of 16, while he remains active by contributing to many projects. He has been maintaining a personal blog and a GitHub account, in which he shares his thoughts as well as his work.

Contact: papachristoumarios [at] gmail [dot] com

Twitter: @papachristoum


  • Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Research / Triton FPR Development (2014)
  • P2P Lab / P2P Foundation Collaborator & Remote Member
  • attendant to other FOSS and OSHW communities such as

Scientific Publications

  • Kostakis, V., Papachristou, M. Commons-based peer production and digital fabrication: The case of a RepRap-based, Lego-built 3D printing-milling machine. Telemat. Informat. (2013) DOI:[1]
  • some arxiv preprints

Presentations at Conferences

  • ECESCON 9 2016, Technical University of Crete. Presentation of SignGlove; wearable glove for sign language interpretation
  • FOSSCOMM 2013, Harokopion University of Athens. Attended as main speaker and presenter. (April 2013)
  • Google Computer Science for High Schools (GCS4HS). Attended as Guest Speaker and remote fellow. (September 2013) Video