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Marc Canter is an advocate and developer of Open Standards, Founder Macromedia, founder Digital City Project

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"Marc Canter is CEO of Broadband Mechanics, which produces People Aggregator, a social networking tool with source available (but not under an open source license). Previously, he was a founder of the company that became Macromedia.

His blog, Marc's Voice, frequently critiques other Internet luminaries and competitors, such as Mark Zuckerberg.

Canter is also a contributor to many open standards efforts and advocates for end-user controlled digital identities and content - being a co-founder of the "Identity Gang", and a co-signer of the Social Web Users' Bill of Rights.

He has consulted with global corporations including PCCW and Intel and has written on the multimedia industry, micro-content publishing and social networking.

Canter is developing software in the Greater Cleveland area and teaching classes at Case Western Reserve University." (

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Topics he has worked on:

  1. Digital Lifestyle Aggregation
  2. Attention Standards
  3. Open Media Standards
  4. Microcontent Publishing
  5. Microformats
  6. Open Social Networking Standards

twitter: @marccanter4real