Mapping All Alternatives

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= a German-led global collective mapping effort for "all alternatives".



Silke Helfrich:

"A global collective mapping effort for "all alternatives":

We observe a rapid expansion of social movements and initiatives around degrowth, solidarity economy, cooperatives, p2p initiatives, collaborative consumption, commons and others. New initiatives are appearing all overthe world. Making them visible on a common map (Open Street Map based) will provide useful tools for practicioners, activists and academics, for personal or collective use.

The map will develop stepwise, based on little resources but an enourmous motivation of different stakeholders,and using whatever exists out there to progressively bring people with some affinity in contact with each other. A tech-group is about to create tools for general use, that will allow people and groups with similar interests and needs to mae their respective initiative/ project/ process on an OSM map based on a commonly developed taxonomy (which is currently in the making by another group with representatives from different movements).

The technical tools combined with the technology will be tested by June/July, some basic documentation on the process and the tools will be provided asap so that we can call for international participation in Summer 2014 at the latest.

International mappers will be invited to a first workshop of Mapping All Alternatives at the Fourth Degrowth Conference in Leipzig (September 2-6)

This is our working plattform (until now mostly in German) but some technical discussions already take place in English

We are collecting international mapping projects and contact information here. I already added most of the information you've send me - if there is more, please drop me a note:

It will be a tremendous effort to bring the mappers to the Degrowth Conference, but if the projects continues well -as we started - it is well worth doing it. Imagine ALL Alternatives within a common taxonomy on Open Street Map."