Manifesto on Circular Economy Policy in the EU

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* Text: More prosperity, new jobs. Manifesto on Circular Economy Policy in the EU.



"This is a joint manifesto from De Groene Zaak Sustainable Business Association, MVO Nederland and Circle Economy describing our view on Circular Economy Policy in the EU. The manifesto serves as as our input from a frontrunners’ business perspective for the renewed Circular Economy Package, expected to be retabled by the European Commission in late 2015. While we remain critical of scrapping the previous package, we welcome the efforts to strengthen it further in order to expedite the emergence of a true circular economy, meaning that circular business models become the norm rather than the exception.

Our three organisations together represent over 2300 companies from all sectors, including both multinationals and SMEs, striving for implementation of sustainable and circular business models. While our partners support this publication and provided extensive input, individual recommendations cannot be attributed to any single member or partner and we take full responsibility for the views expressed. The Manifesto is co-signed by EcoPreneur, Entreprendre Vert, Green Alliance, GreenBudgetEurope, INDR, Institut de l’Economie Circulaire, Plan C and UnternehmensGrün. ACR+, The EEB, The Dutch Society for the Protection of Nature and Environment (Natuur & Milieu) and several businesses have provided us with supportive statements."