Madison Action-Oriented Mapping Project

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= mapping event in Madison, Wisconsin, held June 5-12, 2016, coordinated by Stephanie Rearick of the Mutual Aid Network

URL = planning doc


Stephanie Rearick

"I’m writing to begin a serious exploration of pursuing a mission- and action-oriented mapping project in Madison this summer. I’m inviting some people I met at a recent Impact Economy Summit, including people who are working on open source technology to support a cooperative and equitable peer-to-peer economy.

After the summit a number of participants stayed in touch to see how we could collaborate. Each of us has complementary pieces to offer.

Paul Hartzog mentioned the idea of a mapping exercise. I realized that if we conduct a purposeful, replicable and actionable mapping exercise we could use it to guide our own development of Mutual Aid Networks, identifying and more effectively distributing existing assets and creating infrastructure to develop those resources that are lacking as we move toward local self-sustainability.

Questionnaire for participants

And please reply to answer the following questions:

  • Are you interested in participating?
  • Are you available June 5-12 2016?
  • If so, what skills, expertise, or other resources do you offer to the project?
  • What resources do you need in order to participate?

The following may be possible:

  1. Travel expenses - we will need to fundraise for this
  2. Housing - we will aim to arrange homestays
  3. Remuneration - we can definitely commit to compensating you in MAN hour credits - the global timebank for Mutual Aid Networks.

If you need monetary compensation please state the full amount required and this decision will be subject to fundraising success and prioritization by the Board of the Main MAN (umbrella Mutual Aid Network)

  • Are you interested in providing any of the above? Funds, home stays, transportation help?
  • Who else should be included on this thread?

We’re also aiming to schedule a public event featuring Michel Bauwens of P2P Foundation (who will be participating in the mapping summit as part of his Activist in Residency at UW), and will keep notes on that at the same document."

More Information