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= a global office sharing community.

URL = http://loosecubes.com/


Campbell McKellar, Founder of Loosecubes

"The idea came from… a summer I spent in Maine. I was able to strike a remote work arrangement with my (then) employer. I realized I could do my job remotely but sometimes I needed a more productive place to plug in and work. I dreamt about an artist’s barn with wifi and a view of the pine trees. I created Loosecubes to help everyone find their dream workspace, wherever they happen to be.

In the early days of Loosecubes I focused on… building a community of true fans and listening to them. Loosecubes is and always will be driven by the feedback from our community, and we’ve been able to create a better user experience because of it. We’re working hard every day to incorporate all this feedback!

The biggest challenge to overcome is… shared by most community marketplaces - creating market liquidity."


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