Local Green New Deal Project

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= A Platform for Climate Mobilization: transitioning to 100% renewable energy through local municipal control via "Community Choice Aggregations".


"In the past quarter century, Local Power founder Paul Fenn created a whole new energy market based on local municipal control - "Community Choice Aggregations," ("CCA") in nine states comprising half of U.S. power demand, in order to usher a new business model into America's electric (and gas) utility industry. Today about 30 million Americans receive their electricity service from CCAs, including major cities like San Francisco and Cincinnati to rural counties like Sonoma County or Athens, Ohio. While CCA has achieved both record carbon reductions and saved consumers billions of dollars in energy bills, most CCAs continue to maintain conventional energy supplies. This collection of cities, counties and towns possess unique power to transform energy today, representing an unparalleled opportunity for climate mobilization. The Local Green New Deal Project will provide a new business model and technical resources to help communities make this happen." (http://localgreennewdeal.org/?)


"CCAs account for 67 of 72 U.S. cities and counties with 100% Renewable Energy in 2020 - UCLA Luskin Center/Sierra Club USA Ready for 100, 2019 (link)

"The combination of local power providers and rooftop solar panels last year took an estimated 25 percent of California’s retail electricity business away from the big, investor-owned utilities. That could rise to 85 percent within about 10 years, regulators say. In other parts of the country, the shift has been slower. Still, hundreds of cities in Illinois, Massachusetts, and Ohio have formed local energy providers. In Westchester County, N.Y., one began in 2016 that serves 20 municipalities, and Governor Andrew Cuomo is keen for more. Boston is poised to start one shortly. At least seven states now allow the programs.” - Bloomberg Businessweek, 2018" (http://localgreennewdeal.org/?)