List of Community-Hosted GitLab Instances

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GitLab is one replacement for proprietary 'code forge' (software project management) platforms like GitHub. is the flagship instance hosted by the company that develops the software, using its Enterprise Edition (EE). Unlike GH, GitLab also offers a fully free code Community Edition (CE) that can be self-hosted as a ready-to-use code forge, although it lacks some "enterprise" features available in EE. Developers have a choice to either host their code on (both gratis and commercial options available), or they can host their own instance for their own use, or for a community of developers. Because all project data can be exported and imported, they can switch from one option to the other, and back again, as their circumstances require. --Strypey (talk) 08:39, 26 April 2018 (UTC)

List of GitLab instances

  • GNU Project: - used for development of various GNU projects, including the MediaGoblin media-hosting package, and the GNU Social micro-blogging server (and web client).
  • Jami (a GNU project, formerly Ring): - used for development of the various components of the GNU Ring P2P voice/ video chat app developed by the savoirfairelinux team
  • Open Educational Resources Universitas: - used by some developers and projects associated with the OERU and OER Foundation.

Enabling federation across instances

There are two projects working on ways to enable self-hosted code forges like to form a federated network, allowing them to compete with the network effect of large, centralized services like GitHub and BitBucket: