Lineages of Modernity

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* Book: Lineages of Modernity: A History of Humanity from the Stone Age to Homo Americanus. By Emmanuel Todd. Polity Press, 2019.


this overview of world history is rooted in the psychological and sociological effects of family systems.


commentary from renowned anthropologist and historian Alan Macfarlane:

"Emmanuel Todd is an internationally known scholar whose work on the development and influence of family systems around the world has challenged many preconceptions. This is a bold, iconoclastic, wide-ranging study, marshalling a great deal of material from history, anthropology, demography and other disciplines. It is written from an unusual angle and rightly challenges the primacy of economic forces, emphasizing instead the role of family systems, ideology, education and culture in the shaping of human history. There is much to learn from this work."

and Michael Lind:

"To the study of the United States, the Soviet Union and France, Emmanuel Todd has brought a unique combination of empirical rigor and humanist insight. Now, in Lineages of Modernity, this great thinker has found his greatest subject."