Letter to Speakers and Sponsors on OSE-21 2015

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As sent to confirmed and invited speakers and potential sponsors, on 13 June 2015.


Dear Speakers (Confirmed and Invited) and Potential Sponsors:

The Open Source Everything endeavor is making steady progress.

While we are placing emphasis on the Wiki and community building and outreach in the next 30 days, the conference continues to evolve with confirmed speakers and one major change inspired by Open Circle Economy: I now envision a focus on having NATO Transformation Command and the Millennium Project brief challenges and needs on one morning, with workshops that afternoon focused on achieving positive outcomes through the application of open source everything engineering, and particularly

At this time at least three and particularly two positive outcome scenarios are envisioned from a persistent focus on open source everything applied to real needs validated by the EU Commons Intergroup, NATO Transformation Command, and the Millennium Project as well as the UN Alliance of Civilizations:

  • Open Source Activist Tool-Kit and Network -- empowering activists everywhere to share information and make sense
  • Bottom of the Pyramid Empowerment -- creating open source solutions for provisioning, education, health, and all other needs of the 99%

Below is the conference page at the P2P Foundation wiki as well as the meta page. I draw your attention to the list of speakers and organizations and particularly those in red, i.e. not represented by a page at the P2P Foundation wiki. I invite you to create your own page -- accounts are easy to establish. While anything can be copied over to Wikipedia (or from Wikipedia), I have learned the hard way that Wikipedia has too many issues and cannot be trusted as the original copy -- we can achieve better quality control at P2P Foundation while gladly encouraging copies to be posted elsewhere.



For your convenience, here are the nine sub-categories, each has its own page that has a growing list of the opens that fall logically in that sub-community:

   Open Data
   Open Governance
   Open Health
   Open Infrastructures
   Open Intelligence
   Open Manufacturing
   Open Provisioning
   Open Software
   Open Space 

It will take me another ten days to get the existing 1,200 pages realigned with the new approach seeking to create nine communities that interoperate, after which I will start outreach across the 60+ opens within those nine communities. Anything you can do to flag additional opens or encourage the opens you work with to participate in this community-building and information-sharing exercise at the P2P Foundation wiki, would be good for all, I believe. Michel has made the P2P Foundation a community home base for many -- I am planting a seed crystal for taking open source everything to the next level -- only you can mobilize others to make the most of this possibility, I pray you find it worthy.

I will plan monthly updates. I anticipate a conference in December, perhaps in Boston (Willow may be able to get the Media Lab facility), and then a game plan for 2016 that most should find heartening. From where I sit OSI and OSHWA should lead software and manfacturing, Marcin Jakubowski could lead provisioning, I am ready to lead intelligence unless someone else wishes to, and the others are up for grabs -- am looking for master curators for each of the nine sub-categories.

With abiding regard,

Robert Steele