Laboratory of Common Interest

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= The Laboratory of Common Interest, April 15th - 27th, FabLab Limerick



"a work of social choreography by Fiona Woods, part of her long-term research project, Free*Space. This is a complex collaborative work through which matters of common interest and modes of commoning are explored.

The Laboratory of Common Interest is co-produced with individuals and groups across the city, including artists, activists, women's groups, men's shed, academics, students and small businesses. Developed over a period of 18 months, the work explores themes of alternative economies, modes of commoning and the politics of bodies, inspired by the centenary of the Limerick soviet.

The Laboratory programme comprises formal and informal events, organised on the principal of mutual benefit. Discussions, workshops, printmaking events, visual presentations, mapping actions, a temporary 'currency', peer exchange sessions, screenings, a pamphlet library, a sourdough-kneading session, an interlocutor's station, actions in public space, a chai ceremony and political board games make up the programme.

The Laboratory of Common Interest is hosted by FabLab Limerick." (