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= KULTURWERTMARK, Chaos Computer Club (CCC) schlägt neues Vergütungsmodell für Kreative vor, 26. April 2011

URL = http://ccc.de/system/uploads/65/original/kulturwertmark-neu.pdf

Possible translation: culture value coin


Stef Marsiske:

"some guys from the ccc propose a monthly 5 euro fee for all internet customers, which get an equivalent digital cash only to be given to registered works. all these works have a threshold which when reached frees up the work automatically under a free license. all unspent digital cash expires at the end of the year and is distributed among all registered artists." (fc forum discussion list, July 2011)


"Turning the flatrate into a voluntary system might make a lot more sense. People get a certain amount of their wages not in euros, but in 'culturos', which they can spend on any free culture product - directly rewarding the producer. Instead of some disengaged institution "redistributing" wealth to the head of the long-tail, people could directly decide what they want to support and possibly support more cultural producers on the middle of the long-tail. From a decentralization fundamentalist view, this is way more attractive." (http://www.ctrlc.hu/~stef/blog/posts/free_culture_and_economic_models.html)