Key demands for a free communication infrastructure that enables productive collaboration

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Mark Cooper:

Preserve Existing User Rights

- Preserve nondiscriminatory Interconnection and carriage (network neutrality) in communication networks - Protect fair use and fight to preserve routine, unregulated uses.

Reform the Current Systems of Property Rights

- Include broadband connectivity in the definition of universal service - Defend and expand community broadband - Liberate orphaned and dormant (out of print) works - Reduce the burden of search costs to discover existing rights

Prevent Extension of Rights that Impair Collaboration

- Oppose discrimination in communications networks - Resist copyright holders defining communications architecture to protect their rights - Refuse to create new transmission privileges (e.g. the webcaster treaty) - Oppose technology mandates that undermine functionality (e.g. the broadcast flag) - Oppose excessive enforcement measures (e.g. criminalization or expansion of secondary or vicarious liability