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Useful links -

P2P Blog Planning Resources

This is a public list of items I find need updating on the wiki.

The main landing page.

Update -

The resources are old and need to be checked as we may have better more up to date content.

This whole section needs to change.

The pages haven't been updated since 2010.

Unless someone is willing to update these pages manually on a regular basis they will continually go out of date.

We need a better way to represent the community.

Seems like we need someone willing to update something and wiki might be the easiest, seems like a coordination issue. Let's set up a wiki hack day? ~~ MarkDilley (talk)


  • Events Calender (This is out of date "2009" and we need a better way of keeping track of events)
Have you checked out these yet? [1] & [2] Much better possibly? Also, there is that is a great calendar. I am running one for Metro Detroit (, and there are a couple more city ones. For a small feel there are more specific installs or hosts, like: ~~ MarkDilley (talk)

Suggestions by mbauwens

  • there must be a way to cross search sections, for example: give me all the books on p2p agriculture, or all the webcasts on commons economics, eventually with a third factor, country names

Seems like checking into learning more about Semantic MediaWiki would solve this issue. ~~ MarkDilley (talk)