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Kennisland (Knowledgeland) contributes to a smarter Dutch society. We believe that the best guarantee for future prosperity and welfare, now and in the future, is to strengthen our knowledge society. We help to realise this national goal by developing and delivering key interventions.

Kennisland is an independent think tank. We continuously search for ways to spark the social innovations needed to improve the knowledge society. We start by defining challenges for the Dutch knowledge society and creatively finding possible answers to them. We put these issues on policymakers’ agendas. We need that leverage: broad challenges require a broad approach. But that is not all: we also develop and deliver projects, programmes and platforms to help others fix the issues at hand. We also assist in scaling and transferring success results and knowledge about the ins-and-outs of social innovation, to help others forward.

Altogether, Kennisland develops and realises a broad range of interventions to make our society smarter. We often initiate them ourselves, but we are also frequently commissioned by the government and public organisations which share our ambition and which are in need of our expertise. This yields investigations, recommendations, projects, programmes, networks, meetings, trainings and reorganisations. Please read more about our strategy.

Kennisland is active in six fields: education, government, cultural heritage, copyright, creative economy and social media. We strive to innovate these fields, often in collaboration with partners and networks. Although making Dutch society smarter calls for innovation in many areas, hopefully one day our job will be done. Please read more about our fields of work.

Kennisland is a non-profit organisation. This is a deliberate choice, since our main focus is the public interest. We work with the government, but also with companies, knowledge institutes and social organisations that believe in our mission. We do not receive structural subsidies or financial support, and we do not wish to. For each new activity or project, we raise our own funds. This way, we remain resourceful, sharp and, most importantly, independent.

Kennisland and P2P

Check out the project page for Kennisland to see some of the organization's efforts towards facilitating OpenAccess and collaboration.

Some of the Kennisland projects:

  • Projects
  • Images for the Future
  • Creative Commons Netherlands
  • Digital Pioneers
  • Kafka Brigade
  • Education Innovation Impulse
  • Europeana Connect
  • Open Images
  • Teaching Pioneers
  • Catch Plus
  • Communia
  • Creative business models
  • Wiki loves art NL