Kathryn Ananda

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""Kathryn Ananda is on a quest to build thrivable systems, experiences.

She seeks this through the design, prototyping, construction and enablement of powerful, evolving and self-disruptive/agile socio/technical processes, platforms, narratives and brands.

In plain English - a world that works, and thrives, by good design, through the use of great tools, and the enablement of both the individual and the collective.

Kathryn is the founder of Positive Handprints (both the Agency and The Centre for), and the creator of the Design-To-Thrive method and Thrivability Templates (including the 5Ps of Thrivability).

For Kathryn, the first principal of thrivability is a belief that it is possible, and always preferable, to find the win-win-win solutions, that create the conditions for optimal thriving living systems. The second principal of thrivability is to enable self-determination and passionate, purposeful engagement for ALL stakeholders (providing this does not contravene the first principal).

Kathryn's work uses asset-based, future creating, collaborative and generative approaches, designed to unveil the hidden opportunities and capacities for thriving in any given situation.

She's a #webdev, #ux/uidesigner, #strategist, #facilitator, #artdirector, #projectmanager, #speaker, #futurist, #consultant, #dreamer, #mother."

She is also involved in Ci2i Global (Co-creative Impact Innovation Institute), Thrivable Net, Epic Collaboration, and other projects."