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URL = http://jubilee-art.org/


"JUBILEE is an initiative by Justin Bennett, Vincent Meessen, Katrien Reist and Katleen Vermeir & Ronny Heiremans with the intention to set up a platform to support (audio-visual) artists, whose practices develop out of long-term and cross-disciplinary research with a discursive output.

Starting from the practice of this core group of artists based in Brussels and The Hague, JUBILEE aims to set up an organizational structure that optimizes the output of its members through joining efforts and equally distributing its collective assets and resources (economic, artistic and social). We wish to explore the resulting specific micro-economy and its potential for extension towards other individuals, organizations and structures – both locally and internationally.

Based on the idea of open source practice, redistribution of accumulated value within a mutual economical system and stimulating the exchange of knowledge – both on an artistic level as well as business administration – JUBILEE researches the challenging trajectories for change towards a new economy, also for the arts." (http://jubilee-art.org/?rd_page=4-2&lang=en)