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"Dr Joss Hands' research focuses broadly on the intersection between digital technology, politics and culture. He teaches courses in communication and technology, public sphere theory, globalization, digital culture and the political economy of the media at Anglia Ruskin University. He holds a PhD in critical theory from the Manchester Metropolitan University.

His published work has explored the interrelations of new media and democracy in the context of globalisation, in terms of both formal governance as well as activism and protest movements. This has included an address to the role of new media in contributing to the emergence of a specifically 'European' public sphere, with all the issues of identity, language and mediation entailed. He has also written on local democracy and online deliberation, and on new forms of political action emerging in the network society, which includes an engagement with a range of contemporary political and critical theory.

He has written for a range of journals such as "Information, Communication and Society," "Philosophy and Social Criticism," "Cultural Politics" and "First Monday," and co-edited the book "At the Interface: Continuity and Transformation in Culture and Politics" (Rodopi, 2004) with Eugenia Siapera.

He is currently writing a book on activism in a digital culture, to be titled "@ is for Activism," in contract with Pluto press, in which he is developing many of these themes, and expanding his analysis to include the impact of technologies such as mobile telephony and digital television on digital culture and politics."

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