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"Jose Murilo - Since 2009 I am the Digital Culture Coordinator at Brazil's Ministry of Culture, working to bring the elements of digital culture into the government, turning advanced web possibilities into public policy. Since my inception in this newly created sector, the idea is to use a social network ( to create a collaborative space for debate on public policies. The launch of such a platform have offered the needed infrastructure for two important open processes in the country: (1) the collaborative construction of a civil-rights based regulatory framework for the Internet, and (2) the open consultation on the copyright reform proposal.

From 2004 to 2009 I worked as the Ministry's Strategic Information Manager, and it was from there that I started hacking the classic IT bureaucratic models for governments. I've got to mention that the tiny-little-unimportant Brazilian ministry of culture, under Gilberto Gil's term (2003-2008), made strategic use of it's insignificance, and 'poetic license', to meddle into areas and subjects that were out of it's original scope. We've managed to learn that disruptive ideas won't develop inside .gov if detected early.

I am also a Brazilian blogger. 'Ecologia Digital' [Digital Ecology], the blog, was started in 2002 and right from the beginning the goal was to translate into Portuguese concepts and ideas to promote meaningful participation and real digital activism. My blogging activity brought me to Berkman Center's Global Voices Online project, where I collaborated as the Portuguese language editor from 2006 to 2009. From this standpoint that mixes different perspectives, during Gil's term I had the chance to follow and participate on the first three editions of the IGF (Athens, Rio and Hyderabad), where we even tried to implement active remote participation." (email August 2010)

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