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Anni Roolf, founder #jellyweek:

'WORLDWIDE #JELLYWEEK 2012 is a self-organized global gathering of people all around the planet. These gatherings are called jelly, that is a informal collaboration at a café, public place, office or coworking space.

After the success of the European Jellyweek in 2011 the organizers are looking forward to the first worldwide networking event 16-22 January. The purpose is to foster the emerging culture of new forms of work and collaboration. In the last years the number of coworking places has risen above 1.200 worldwide and it will break the mark of 1.500 in 2012 (

With an economy in crisis the new phenomenon gains attention, since it promises the freedom of being a freelancer and at the same time avoids the isolation of the modern digital worker. Maybe the coworker spirit is even a signal for the transformation of values and lifestyle – meaning a more connected, fulfilled and purposeful life, ending the era of status competition around consumer culture.

During the Jellyweek there are gatherings on today 222 places in 34 countries including Brazil, Japan, New Zealand, Columbia, Egypt, Kenia, Singapore, Kasachstan, USA and most of the European countries. A jelly is just a casual working event with concrete results on the one hand and celebrating the fun of collaboration on the other. The philosophy of the Jellyweek is guided by the principles of self-organisation i.e. letting the topics completely emerge by the interests and dreams of the worldwide community.

Organizers invite people to test the experience of coworking and encourage all to make visible this work culture, which is becoming an attractive option for more and more." (