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  1. = writes and speaks frequently on systems theory, complexity, and energy geopolitics.
  2. Rhizome theoretician, see also his Theory of Power

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Several posts by Jeff Vail that elaborate on the application of rhizome to human systems include:

1. Problem of Growth. A capstone formulation of why our societal structure is unsustainable, how rhizome presents a solution, and how to implement it.

2. Envisioning a Hamlet Economy. Big-picture concpetion of how a rhizome economy will function.

3. Creating Resiliency and Stability in Horticulture. A more detailed analysis of how to implement a hybrid-horticultural scheme at the level of the rhizome node.

4. Rhizome & Central Place Theory. In response to a comment, a more detailed discussion of how rhizome can grow amidst existing hierarchal structures.

5. Rhizome Network Defense. A review of a Cambridge team's analysis of potential tacticts to defend rhizome structures against hierarchy.