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Jean Lievens graduated in commercial engineering (Solvay) at the VUB (Free University of Brussels). He was responsible for the internal communication and coordination of the commercial & real estate department of the City of Brussels. Previously he worked as a freelance journalist and copywriter, specialized in business communication. He has several blogs, mainly on politics and peer-to-peer. Jean translated about thirty main articles on P2P by Michel Bauwens and collaborated with Michel Bauwens in writing De Wereld Redden, published in October 2013.

He curated a (ScoopIt, P2Politics) on P2P, the sharing economy & transition, and updated it frequently. As an activist with a liberal/social democratic & Marxist background, he was particularly interested in the development of peer-to-peer dynamics as an emancipatory force.

He died on Tuesday, September 6, 2016. See this blog entry by Michel Bauwens.

More Information

Introductory articles written by Jean Lievens (In Dutch/Flemish):