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Jan Krikke is a former Tokyo correspondent for the Dutch news agency GPD and the daily Financiële Dagblad, a contributor to IEEE publications, and the former managing editor of Asia 2000, a book publisher in Hong Kong, and a frequent contributor to the Asia Times.

Krikke pioneered the study of the origin of axonometry, the Chinese equivalent of European linear perspective. He wrote numerous essays on art, science, and philosophy and is the author of several books, among them Leibniz, Einstein, and China. His most recent book is Creating a Planetary Culture: European Science, Chinese Art, and Indian Transcendence.

In the 1990s, Krikke edited the book The Spiritual Imperative, a macrohistory based on the Indian Varna system by futurist Larry Taub (1936-2016). Taub's macrohistory fueled Krikke's interest in non-Western perspective and the dynamics that are leading to the development of our planetary culture.

—— supplied by Jan Krikke, 2023

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