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James has over 20 years experience as an international sustainability project reviewer and speaker, applying a unique ability to think beyond the bounds of convention and across global systems. He enjoys advising and speaking wherever radically ambitious breakthroughs are sought and has worked with groups of all kinds from primary-school children to the government sector to the senior leadership of multi-national companies. His designs for an innovative market-based instrument and other powerful paradigm-switching tools have been made openly available in the pursuit of global security, economic revival and sustainability.

Areas of Work

In 2005 James founded the global revival think-tank, BlindSpot for the collaborative development of systemic policy options capable of working at sufficient scale and speed. He presents his research in NATO Advanced Research Workshops and publishes in the NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme. James takes part in the EU-funded Global System Dynamics Network, connecting international expertise in policy-making informed by understanding whole-systems. He is also active with the UN Climate Neutral Network and the UK Sustainable Development Panel.

Current Projects

James leads a major international collaboration of more than 200 systems-thinking experts and enthusiasts, 'Fixing systems not symptoms'. This project uses the web-platform Wiserearth to allow wide participation in “designing and inspiring radical change in the 'game rules' and paradigms that determine whether things will get better or worse everywhere”. Everyone willing to help with rapid global systemic change is welcome to join in.


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