Jacques Ellul on Politics, Technology, and Christianity

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* Book: Jacques Ellul on Politics, Technology, and Christianity: Conversations with Patrick Troude-Chastenet. Wipf and Stock, 2005

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"The best and most satisfying set of interviews ever carried out with Jacques Ellul and we are most fortunate to have this rich legacy of thought now available to a broader audience. Patrick Chastenet knew Ellul personally as well as intellectually. His questions display a rare balance of respect, boldness and insight that perhaps no one else could have achieved. Chastenet elicits Ellul's thoughts in Ellul's voice and refuses to edit or re-organize the text in any way that would diminish the realism and authenticity of the conversation. ... The interviews in the present volume were conducted over a fourteen-year period, 1981-1994, and were originally published as Entretiens avec Jacques Ellul (1994)."