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= Modeling banking from a network engineering perspective


"Computer Scientist, working at the University of Reykjavik on the operation and behaviour of the banking system, and how it interacts with the monetary system. When not researching banking, she works on a mixture of high performance computer problems, and signal processing applications."

Nadia El-Imam:

"Jacky is a developing model of the banking system from a new perspective. Essentially she sees it as a distributed computing network. Her results are surprising and counter-intuitive toeconomists. But they do offer an explanation for differences in performance in western economies since the crises started. If the model is validated it could have serious implications on how we think about money supply and the economy. Even if the model is incorrect, the methodology offers an interesting approach towards understanding a thorny issue." (http://www.scribd.com/doc/102438722/TEDxULg-Presentation-by-Nadia-EL-Imam)

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