Introduction to Economic Abundance

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Book: Economic Abundance: An Introduction. Authored by: William M. Dugger; James T. Peach


"Most principles of economics texts are predicated narrowly on the concept of scarcity as a fundamental force, but that is only one aspect of economics. This supplemental text for basic and intermediate level undergraduates provides a serious discussion of the concept of abundance-- what it means, how we can move toward it, and what keeps us from doing so.

The authors first outline the development of the concept of abundance and its meaning with discussions of the roles of population, resources, and the environment. Then they consider why abundance escapes us, focusing on the detrimental roles of four predatory behaviors--classism, nationalism, sexism, and racism. As a remedy, they propose a policy of universal employment as a replacement for full employment, and explore the effects of pushing the unemployment rate down to absolute zero." (

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