Introduction to Digital Democracy

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Course from Patrick Meier and Joshua Goldstein.

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a new full-semester undergraduate course on Digital Democracy. The course is being offered as part of Tufts University’s interdisciplinary Media and Communication Studies Program.

The course will address the following topics:

   * Introduction to Digital Democracy
   * American Democracy
   * Global Democracy
   * Media and Democracy
   * Guest Speakers: Digital Democracy
   * Bloggers Rights
   * Digital Censorship and Democracy
   * Human Rights 2.0
   * Digital Activism
   * Digital Resistance
   * Digital Technology in Developing World
   * Class Presentations

The course wiki is available here and a PDF copy of the syllabus (subject to change) is available here. Feedback on the syllabus is very much welcomed. Josh and I also plan to blog each of the sessions and we look forward to feedback on those as well." (