Introduction to Citizen Intelligence Sources and Methods

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Citizen Intelligence, also known as Public Intelligence,is the exercise of the sources and methods of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), which is the content and sense-making element of the Open Tri-Fecta (Free/Open Source Software and Open Spectrum or OpenBTS--a Internet that cannot be shut down) are the other two elements.

Citizen Intelligence creates decision-support by applying the proven process of intelligence (decision-support) without resource to secret sources and covert methods that have corrupted national intelligence to the point that it is pathologically useless and expensive.

Requirements Definition. What does the individual, group, or network NEED TO KNOW?

Collection Management. Who knows this? Where can the raw data or contributing information be FOUND (if already known locally), GOTTEN (if known to friends of friends), BOUGHT (if commercially available at an affordable price), or DISCOVERED (by using Twitter, Facebook, or other means to zoom in on people in place who might answer or contribute to answering the question).

Processing. For large groups, human processing is often superior to machine processing, but both are part of processing, especially when large volumes of information in multiple languages can be accessed digitally, or when searching for the proverbial needle in the haystack. $5 a day smart humans are coming online every day, we are getting close to having a World Brain.

Analysis. Analysis differs from processing--the latter is linear in nature, the former a mix of intuitive, hypothesis testing, and other elements of "analytic tradecraft." Analysis can be done by individuals, groups, both, and in multiple sequences, with real-time feedback being the most precious aspect of large group analytics.

Presentation. Complex findings need to be presented in ways that most can understand, to achieve the broadest possible understanding, acceptance, and inclination to consensus and action. Visualization is a huge part of presentation, and should be sensitive to time, space, and the diversity of cultures and values among the many stakeholders engaged in the over-all consensus process.

Action and Reaction. "Intelligence" is intended to support a decision that leads to an action or outcome. Once delivered, and once the action has been taken or the outcome achieved (or not achieved), the entire cycle begins again.

Citizen Intelligence differs from government secret intelligence or commercial intelligence (legal, ethical) and industrial espionage (illegal, unethical) in multiple ways, the most important of which it is fully transparent and in the public interest rather than the interest of a bureaucracy (government) or enterprise (commercial). Being fully transparent, Citizen Intelligence is also infinitely shareable, and therefore a MAJOR foundation for creating what Yochai Benkler calls The Wealth of Networks, what Barry Carter calls Infinite Wealth, what Alvin Toffler foresaw in PowerShift and then defined more fully in Revolutionary Wealth.

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