Ibero-American Civic Innovation Labs

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URL = http://www.ciudadania20.org/en/


"We are a project part of the Ibero-American General Secretariat, an international, intergovernmental organization that brings together 22 Spanish and Portuguese-speaking Latin American and European countries, an area comprising over 600 million citizens.

Our goal is to foster civic innovation in order to promote social change, democratic governance and social, cultural and economic development. Civic innovation is the process that solves social problems with technologies (digital, social, ancestral) and innovative methodologies, through the involvement of the community affected. This means that citizens are no longer passive receivers of institutional actions, but active producers of their own solutions.

Civic Innovation Proyect has established its position as the first joint workspace involving citizens, governments and companies, based on open, collaborative dynamics, launched by an international organization. In 2013, the 22 Presidents unanimously recognised our proposal, and they have urged us to drive a civic innovation agenda in the region for the next years." (http://www.ciudadania20.org/en/)