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= collaborative creation platform: Hylo is: Asset Mapping + Intent Casting + Crowd-resourcing; Hylo helps communities become resource-sharing networks.

URL = http://www.hylo.com/


Edward West:

'Hylo is a whole new way to create together with your friends and communities.

On Hylo, you can post Intentions about what you'd like to do or create. These Intentions can be big visions, like "I'd like to create a new way to store the energy from the sun," or small, like "I'd like to have a pot-luck at the beach with friends."

You can share the Intention on Hylo, and it will appear on a map, and on other popular social networks you choose. Your friends, and the communities that you are part of, can see the Intentions you post, show their support for your Intention, offer suggestions about who you should talk to, and offer to join in and help out.

If you want to take a popular Intention into reality with the support of your community, you can turn it into a Project, and break it down into multiple steps by creating a list of Requests that need to be fulfilled to bring the project into reality. This allows you to build a network of support through a "crowd-resourcing" process.

And, if your Project reaches a stage where financial resources are required, Hylo allows you to host rewards-crowdfunding campaigns, and Direct Public Offerings.

Hylo is built for communities-of-purpose, like co-working spaces, accelerators, and makerspaces; turning them into vibrant resource-sharing networks.

We believe there are abundant skills and resources all around us, and when we all work together, we can create anything we can imagine.

We see a world where we can all thrive by supporting each other."