Hudson Luce

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I'm admitted to practice law in Kansas since 2002. My specialties are criminal defense, litigation, contract negotiation, and patent law (USPTO, admitted 2003). I'm interested in the legal framework for the commons and cooperative ventures, especially as applied to the problems of demutualization and privatization. I've also got a PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry (UFlorida, 1987) and have 11 publications in that field. In the legal field, my sole publication was in the ABA Journal on Real Property, Probate, and Trusts (2001). Oh, and I'm a strong Bitcoin skeptic - and of any monetary system created along similar lines. A system in which the creators control 75% or more of the currency units and in which they control an exchange which processes 75% or more of the transactions is not a reform of the current system. I'm also spending *far* too much time on facebook and looking for alternatives - including the old Usenet structure...