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If you have any questions about the issues explained here, please do contact us.

Why We Need Your Help

The aim of the Peer to Peer Foundation is to assist in the creation of a world where every human being can use his potential to contribute to the common good.

Our particular way of doing this is to provide a platform where you can find information on the trends and practices which go in that direction, and to help to interconnect the people who are all working in a similar direction. The P2P Foundation wants to be one of the key informational tools for doing this, as well as a pluralist network of like-minded.

What’s In It for You?

First of all, participating in a global project for a better world, being pioneers in building a successor civilization (and in the meantime, ameliorating the one we have), is itself a very rewarding experience. By association yourself you will first of all be in touch with an extensive learning network, i.e. you will learn faster and better. Second, you will have easier access to people who are interested in similar topics, and are located throughout the world, themselves part of local and virtual networks of interesting people. Thirdly, by adding and ameliorating our content resources, you will also build a reputation. These three things: learning, relationships, and reputation, are things that also assist in making a living. It is also our aim to eventually create an ecology of businesses and cooperatives which can build on the knowledge commons which we are creating.

Note that even if you are prepared to give even an hour per week, this will still cumulatively ameliorate our resources, we are not asking for an arm and a leg.

What Do we Need Most

  1. Most of our articles use a process of opportunistic updating, i.e. we use the collective intelligence of the web, to create entries by cutting and pasting the best thoughts we find on the topic. Such articles would however benefit from more sustained attention to make them more ‘complete’
  1. Our website is organized in subject domains. We need maintainers who can become subject experts and built a reputation in a particular subject. We also need people to update and maintain country pages. Finally, we have pages maintaining a list of books, conferences, etc… which would also greatly benefit from the care of maintainers.
  1. As our collection becomes huge, and thus more complex to navigate, we would benefit enormously from visualization, hence we would appreciate anybody who can help us with building interactive mindmaps, per domain.