Hollywood Stock Exchange

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"One example of a prediction market is the Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX). HSX is an online simulation, where registered users can trade in movie stocks. “Participants start with a total of 2 million so-called Hollywood dollars, and can manage their portfolio by strategically buying and selling stocks” (Elberse & Jehoshua Eliashberg 2003). HSX participants trade in movie stocks based on their information about the star power, trailers or other advertising products (e.g. press releases) in the prerelease period. Single movie stocks and ranking lists of price changes on the HSX are an explicit aggregation of the opinions of the involved HSX participants and opinion leaders. The HSX ranking lists are an important predictor of the first weekend and overall box-office sales of a movie." (http://berlinsymposium.org/sites/berlinsymposium.org/files/crowdsourcingenabledinnovation.pdf)