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Finding Related Materials

When beginning your article it is a good idea to find out if something similar already exists, and to discover related articles that will allow you to link to and from your article.

There are several tools you can use to search for duplicates and related articles.

View all pages

You can see all the pages in the site, sorted alphabetically, here: Special:AllPages. This is not the most efficient way to look for keywords, but it can be useful if you know the first word of the title you are looking for.

Use the Site Search Autocompletion

To start, you can use the site search box. If your browser has Javascript turned on you can try out keywords in the box and you can see immediate results for articles that use the same keywords or a similar name.

Use the Site Search Results

When you submit a search you will see the search results that the Mediawiki engine provides. These can be helpful in finding popular pages that are related by keywords.

Use the Google Custom Search Engine for the P2P Foundation

The P2P Foundation Google Custom Search Engine contains a search index for all of the P2P Foundation web applications. You can find pages in the wiki, blog, and even the email list archive. This method can be very useful for keyword matching because of the use of Google's algorithm.

What Next?

When you find related articles you can doa number of things:

  1. If your proposed article doesn't exist, then you can create it How-to make a new page
  2. If you find a related article, that compliments your article, then create a link to it How-to make links
  3. Edit the article, adding an original perspective. When you finish, make sure you 'watch' the article so you are notified of changes How-to edit existing articles
  4. Include a portion of the original article within your article. Very easy, but requires some learning. Great long term solution. Including sections of other articles