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This page will spell out what is different, so that experienced Wikipedia editors can get used to the local conventions.

Article Title Case

  • Wikipedia uses "Sentence case" for article titles: that is, only capitalising the initial word. The nice workarounds in Wikipedia mean that editors can make a wikilink using lower case and that will work.
  • This wiki uses Title Case, because that is Michel's preference. Capitalise all significant words (not, e.g. "and", "or", etc.) in the page title.

Templates and References

  • We use very few templates[1] in this wiki, to make it easier for everyone to maintain every page. Please don't introduce new ones!
  • <ref>...</ref> however is very useful and may be used here. Look up the documentation[2] to check how to use this feature.

In essence, put <ref>...</ref> around anything you want to appear as a reference, then put <references /> where you want the references listed. Look at the source for this page as an example.