Hazel Henderson on the Coming Age of Worldwide Cooperation

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Part of the Massive Change Radio Active interview series at http://www.massivechange.com/interviews.html

Hazel Henderson is an advocate of 'natural capitalism' like reforms and has worked on alternative metrics that can really measure well-being and take into account social and natural destruction.

Transcript available at http://www.massivechange.com/HazelHenderson.html

"Hazel Henderson. September 9, 2003: Futurist Hazel Henderson talks about her involvement in Brazil at the World's Social Forum in Porto Alegre and her time spent with Buckminster Fuller, Jonas Salk and Marshall McLuhan. Hazel predicts worldwide cooperation and the shift afoot towards the Age of Light - powered by fuel cells, hydrogen, photovoltaics, and fibre optics. She discusses The Ethical Marketplace, via3.net (a barter and exchange service for NGOs and her "four-layer cake with icing."