Hailey Cooperrider

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"Since joining Collabforge in 2009, Hailey has been an integral part of over 250 projects, with diverse responsibilities ranging from developing strategic frameworks, to facilitating collaborative workshops, to developing online collaboration platforms. As Collabforge has grown, she has increasingly focused on designing and facilitating collaborative processes, and on strategy development.

Hailey gets the biggest kick when a collaborative process that she helped initiate starts moving under its own momentum, with participants working together more effectively and delivering unprecedented results. That’s why she is currently researching how gameplay can be used to help spread collaboration capability more broadly, reducing the need for support from outside experts.

Prior to becoming part of the team, Hailey participated and led a number of initiatives in New York City related to open and participatory democracy. These included the Beta NYC meetup group and the 2009 Participation Camp ‘unconference’ on citizen participation in government."