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= "Literally land (stan) for smart solutions (hack), Hackistan brings a community of changemakers together to connect around a network of infrastructures".

URL = http://hackistan-en.strikingly.com/



"Literally “Land for smart solutions”, Hackistan is an open-cooperative that aims at Saving the World by emancipating multidisciplinary talents and boosting projects with impact on society and the environment. On top of individuals, the ecosystem includes and interfaces different stakeholders such as public actors, companies, NGOs and foundations. As a few examples, we are building batteries based on bacteria that decompose waste, digital tools to connect citizens with politicians, openhardware devices to clean rivers, making food with surplus or emancipating migrant women by making them professional translators."

2. via Pierre-Alexandre Klein:

The aim of http://Hackistan.be is to gather people who want to save the world, and let them collaborate efficiently towards emancipation around projects with societal and environmental impact.

In a trust-based framework, our goal is offer individuals and projects the best human, digital, financial and infrastructure existing resources - which are btw often underused-, within what we call a vertuous environment (mutualistic, redistributive).

This framework should allow these people and projects to connect more efficiently with resourceful partners (public/private actors, impact investors, Foundations, infrastructure managers).

Technically, we bootstrap this in Brussels by offering a working space, organizing open topic-wise events and private retreats for the collective members, as well as listening as much to the needs/obstacles/fears/ambitions from the people in the existing ecosystem. We aim at lifting up all fictive barriers (linguistic, disciplinary, scientific, industrial, individual) that brakes down the emergence pace of useful solutions.

Enspiral, Sensorica and many other initiatives are highly inspiring to us, we try to build something which relates directly to the specificities of the Belgian environment (and local opportunities as well )."