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= http://habitatge.cooperativa.cat/


"Habitatge Social works to ensure accessible housing to all, within the framework of the Public Cooperativist System. It is engaged in all kinds of advice and support on housing issues and options such as use cession, self building, tenant farming or fixing, mortgage debts or squatting, among others.

Habitatge Social provides legal protection and housing, both being public resources allocated to the CIC as PAICs for housing and society in general. Protect the right to housing and promotes actions to obtaining housing resources for members of the CIC, and activists related in the first instance.

The second line of action could also say that Habitatge Social may have a “branch” of care but sensitive to people and groups in a state of need and related to the Integral Revolution.

In the future, as a public resource CIC, can contemplate the fact of being “filter” or endorsement of collective action in case management of this resource (collectivised urban buildings, etc.., respecting the autonomy of each group)." (http://habitatge.cooperativa.cat/?lang=en)