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= one of the leading figures of the open design for appropriate technology movement


"Half Indian, half Scottish, and residing in Iceland, Vinay is an engineer at heart. Whether its software, physical structures, or social structures, the man is a tinkerer at an advanced stage of development. He has developed the self-sufficient Hexayurt, presented mass evacuation strategies to the Red Cross, and worked on policy papers such as Winning the Oil Endgame. Gandhi and Buckminster Fuller are two of Vinay’s heroes." (


TH: Last question. Do you have somebody who you consider your biggest inspiration?

"Vinay: I sort of alternate between Buckminster Fuller and Mahatma Gandhi. I feel like the core of my work right now is trying integrate Gandhi's political thought with Fuller's engineering. Because the two go together extremely well. You have this kind of personal independence as the heart of Gandhi's philosophy, and then Fuller's technology means that you can be largely self sufficient on a much smaller power budget. On a much smaller economic base. So it's kind of Gandhi's ends with Fuller's means. You put the two together and you get this kind of curry and chips phenomenon. I think there's a lot to that. I think one of the benefits of the globalization of thought is that it's becoming possible to assemble pieces from many different cultures into coherent wholes, and that's very powerful. I think it's going to turn out to be almost like an industrial revolution in its actual impact." (

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