Guidelines for Network Neutrality

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Text compiled in Norway (by the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority - NPT)



"These network neutrality guidelines have been drawn up by the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority (NPT) in collaboration with various industry players, such as Internet service providers (ISPs), industry organisations, content providers and consumer protection agencies. The guidelines are intended to ensure that the Internet remains an open and non-discriminatory platform for all types of communication and content distribution.

NPT has sought to establish principles for network neutrality that as many parties as possible can endorse and comply with. These principles will not have any formal legal status, nor will NPT be able to issue sanctions on the basis thereof.

Three basic principles of network neutrality have been identified. To explore these principles in depth and give them substance, each one is explained in a dedicated section. In a number of cases, the explanations will support one another across principles. That is why when evaluating these principles it is necessary to look at the big picture and not only individual principles." (