Gudrun Merkle

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"Gudrun Merkle, born in 1980, studied Political Sciences and Adult Education, her research focusing on political attitudes. As project manager of e5, she worked mainly on the topics Climate Justice and Open Source approaches in technology transfer. With Julio Lambing, she prepares the founding of an institute for sustainable lifestyles. For long years she was active in the youth environmental movement and is part of the human rights movement. As a member of "Parkschützer", she is also part of the social movement against Stuttgart 21.


- The new industrial revolution, eco-innovation and the Humboldtean approach. Preliminary reflections on a novel model for a green global "knowledge explosion".

- Josef Held/ Seddik Bibouche/ Gerhard Dinger/ Gudrun Merkle/ Carolin Schork/ Laura Wilms: Rechtsextremismus und sein Umfeld. Eine Regionalstudie und die Folgen für die Praxis. VDA-Verlag, Hamburg 2008.

- Seddik Bibouche/ Josef Held/ Gudrun Merkle: Rechtspopulismus in der Arbeitswelt. Eine Analyse neuerer Studien. Hans-Böckler-Stiftung, Düsseldorf 2009.