Green Party Integrated Consensus-Consent-Voting Model

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Integrated Consensus/Consent/Voting Model for Legislative and Political Decision-making:

While most political parties in western styled liberal democracies, including those of distinctly Marxist bent, follow a traditional decision-making schema that begins with an adversarial deliberation phase followed by strict voting, alternative formats are currently being explored by such new political parties as the Green Party(ies), whose ideology(ies) share many principles with P2P philosophy. In general, there are three kinds of "democratic" decision-making processes that have been considered in the P2P context: Traditional voting, Consensus based and Consent based. Each unsurprisingly has different strengths and weaknesses, thus making them more and less ideal for different organizational contexts. However, the polis would seem to require the strengths of all three be combined, and the proposed model below attempts to articulate a synthesis of all three. This model is being considered by several Green Parties for adoption (and may have been formally adopted by the Pacific Green Party of Oregon at the time of this writing).

File:Consensus Consent Decision-making.jpg