Green History of the World

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* Book: Clive Ponting. Green History of the World. Penguin / Random House. 1991 (revised and expanded in 2007)


Republished as A New Green History of the World: The Environment and the Collapse of Great Civilizations.


Michael Dowd: "this 464-page book is so essential for understanding our past, present, and likely futures"

More information

  • syntheses/overviews freely available in text format online. in mp3 audio format:
    • "A Synopsis of Clive Ponting's (1991) Green History of the World" (by Martin Desvaux) - 56-page PDF [1]
    • "Summary of Clive Ponting's (2007) A New Green History of the World" (by Robert Riversong) - blogpost [2]