Green Digital Charter

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= a framework for European cities to use ICT as a main driver to improve energy efficiency



"The EUROCITIES Green Digital Charter creates a framework for cities to use ICT as a main driver to improve energy efficiency. The Charter is a joint effort of EUROCITIES, the City of Manchester and Clicks and Links Ltd. It was launched at the EUROCITIES annual conference 2009 in Stockholm.

What commitments do signatories have to fulfil?

The Charter includes three main commitments:

  • Creating a partnership of cities on ICT & energy efficiency until the end of 2011;
  • Deploying five large-scale pilots per city before 2015;
  • Decreasing ICT’s direct carbon footprint per city by 30% by 2020."


More Information

NiCE (Networking intelligent Cities for Energy Efficiency) offers a supporting structure which will promote and advance implementation of the commitments of the Green Digital Charter. NiCE is led by EUROCITIES in a consortium with Clicks and Links Ltd, the City of Manchester and the Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development as partners. The project started on 1 September 2011, with a duration of 30 months.