Global Assembly for Knowledge Democracy

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= "the 1st Global Assembly for Knowledge Democracy. The events will take place June 12-16 in Cartagena, Colombia".


A partnership between the Action Research Network of the Americas (ARNA) and the National University of Colombia.


"The conference, ARNA’s 5th, has adopted the theme “Participation and Democratization of Knowledge: New Convergences for Reconciliation.” The theme recognizes emerging understandings among scholars, other professionals, scholar-activists and citizens in the Global South and the Global North regarding the need for democratization of knowledge, convergences among those creating knowledge through diverse approaches grounded in participatory frameworks of thought and action, and the place of such approaches in reconciliations associated with the end of social conflicts. A special feature of the five-day gathering is the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the First World Symposium of Action Research, held in Cartagena and convened by Colombian sociologist Orlando Fals Borda (1925-2008). The life and work of Fals Borda will be highlighted throughout the conference and the days leading up to it, including a video presentation of his address at the 1977 First World Symposium, an exhibition of his scholarly work and letters, and special pre-conference recognition ceremonies in the Capitol, Bogota, held in conjunction with the 150th Anniversary of the founding of the National University of Colombia."